May 03

NZ Herald on Sunday: Reckons Gifted is one of the Best Mother's Day ideas, Wohoo!

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Nicky Park, Editor of Life & Style - New Zealand Herald, thinks Gifted is an awesome Mother's Day gift.  
In fact she has outlined 5 of the best Mother's Day gifts for 2015 and Gifted is one of them.  

Check out what she had to say:

Stack of handbaked cookies


You may be too far away to give mum a hug but you can still deliver her a heartwarming pressie. 

Gifted Cookies will bake mum a stack of delicious biccies in flavours such as White Chocolate and Orange
or Salted Caramel and Peanuts.
They will wrap eight of them for $40, attach a cute card and deliver anywhere in the country.
Get your order in by Friday and they will arrive to mum on Saturday.

Wow! NZ Herald shows love for Gifted.  We're one of the 5 best Mother's Day gift ideas!

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