About us

"Actually, it's all about you"

When we started Gifted, we wanted to offer a one-of-a-kind product that you, the customer, would feel immensely proud to give, whether for your friends and loved ones or people you know through work. Something that would be a huge hit with them and give you a thrill in return. Then it hit us:


Who doesn't love cookies?

The challenge, of course, would be to create original new cookies of such unique, mouth-watering supremacy that they'd be unlike anything people have experienced before. So, after 3 years of recipe refinement, that's exactly what Gifted did.  Not only do we use the freshest, finest and most amazing ingredients, we also give you a broad range of scrumptious selections (as you can see in Meet Our Cookies).


We dubbed them "Gifts for Smart Cookies"


That's because they're created for people who know enough to appreciate their higher quality… for people who recognize that giving such a gift reflects their own good taste… and for everyone who likes the idea of buying from a New Zealand family business that is passionate about real food and creating the best gifting experience possible.


But unrivalled quality is only the start


Based on years of experience in the business of gifting, we know that great gift-giving is an art that goes beyond the gift itself. There's also the presentation.  That's why we had five distinct designer gift boxes created so you can make the perfect choice with no need to compromise.  

And because delivery is also key to presentation, we've come up with some very cool-looking courier boxes.


That all-important personal touch


Other gifting businesses often cut corners when it comes to the gift card. Yet we're sure you'll agree that this should be the most personal part of the gift.  So we offer a wide variety of different original design choices (11 in all) that let you add your individual touch, with your message printed perfectly inside.  


As fast and easy as can be!


Since Gifted's cookie gifts are only available online, we've made it as easy as possible for you to order. And we promise you fast turnaround times because we know that's often critical.


We hope you'll explore our site further and see for yourself why Gifted is the place to turn to when you want a gift that turns heads.

We look forward to serving you!


P.S. Also, please feel free to contact us anytime.